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Kennard Consulting design tailor-made software for all types of businesses. From financial advisers to marketing companies, we create software that works for you.

Explain your frustration with your current software, or let us work with you to identify how technology can improve your business. From web sites to e-commerce solutions, from inventory tracking to customer databases, we do it all. We will analyse what you need, build the solution, test it, train your people, and then provide you with ongoing support. Our offering is end-to-end, so you won't be on your own once we've finished developing the product.

At Kennard Consulting, we believe that everybody should have great software. We pride ourselves on individual attention and a focus on quality.

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RAMS Home Loans Workplace Diagnostics Visible Results
Cards etc Burst Sydney Property Buyers Agents
Play 500 Online Make A Storybook Law Society of NSW
Getting Ready To Read Confidential Document Solutions Open Source

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Peer-reviewed research produced by Kennard Consulting:

Kennard, R. Derivation of a General Purpose Architecture for Automatic User Interface Generation. University of Technology, Sydney 11th International Conference on Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques Software Development Times Journal of Systems and Software 2nd International Conference on Human System Interaction 7th International Conference on Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques Computing & Control Engineering Journal
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Corrigan, D. & Kennard, R. Computer-mediated learning systems: a new perspective. Computing & Control Engineering Journal

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Industry Awards

Academic Awards

Industry Awards for Kennard Consulting's work:

CANSTAR CANNEX Award: Innovation Excellence
Avant Solutions
CANSTAR CANNEX Award Rainmaker Excellence Award ASFA Award
Rainmaker Excellence Award: Special mention
Avant Solutions
ASFA Award: Excellence in Member Communication
Avant Solutions
JDK Star: Contributions to the Java Development Kit
Richard Kennard

Academic Awards for Dr Richard Kennard:

John Makepeace Bennett Award: Australasian PhD Thesis Of The Year
Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia

John Makepeace Bennett Award
Addison Wesley Award: Highest Academic Achievement in Computer Science
University of Nottingham
Addison Wesley Award

Recent Blog Articles

Academic Citations

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Papers and journals citing Kennard Consulting's research:

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Industry White Papers

Industry White Papers written by Kennard Consulting:

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Metawidget Case Study: Telefónica Health Portal
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Metawidget Case Study: Flexible Dispersion Modelling
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